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FIRM360™ is the only bond rating simulation tool designed specifically to model the impact of capital scenarios on key not for profit provider financial indicators.


  • Predict and optimize bond ratings
  • Enhance evaluation and ranking of capital projects
  • Lower the cost of capital and improve access to funds
  • Reduce balance sheet risk
  • Maintain the ability to fulfill the mission.


  • Impact of capital strategies on bond ratings, key metrics and covenant compliance
  • Inventory of balance sheet risk
  • Determination of organizational risk appetite.


The FIRM360™ Bond Rating Simulator generates a large number of simultaneous changes to key areas of the organization and uses a proprietary credit model to calculate expected bond ratings. Scenario options include:

  • Operating cash flows
  • Debt structure
  • Interest rate swaps
  • Investment portfolios

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For more information or to schedule a live demo, call (813) 347-9150 or email. FIRM360™ is a registered U.S. trademark of HFA Partners, LLC.

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