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HFA Partners professionals have advised a broad spectrum of not-for-profit clients ranging from sole community providers to multi-state health systems across the United States.


  • Brooks Health System (FL)
  • Cape Cod Healthcare (MA)
  • Community Hospital (CO)
  • Duncan Regional Hospital (OK)
  • Holy Cross Hospital (FL)
  • Mercy Hospital (FL)
  • Fallon Clinic (MA)
  • Flagler Hospital (FL)
  • Flagstaff Medical Center (AZ)
  • Gerald Champion Regional Medical Center (NM)
  • Good Shepherd Medical Center (TX)
  • Health First (FL)
  • Hillcrest Medical Center (OK)
  • Indian River Medical Center (FL)
  • Martin Health System (FL)
  • Memorial Health System of East Texas (TX)
  • North Kansas City Hospital (MO)
  • Northern Arizona Healthcare (AZ)
  • Northwest Health System (AR)
  • Pioneers Memorial Hospital (CA)
  • Reid Hospital (IN)
  • Susquehanna Healthcare System (PA)
  • St. Tammany Parrish Hospital (LA)
  • University Health (LA)
  • Valley View Hospital (CO)
  • Verde Valley Medical Center (AZ)
  • Weirton Medical Center (WV)
  • Wellmont Health System (TN)
  • White River Health System (AR)

References are available upon request.

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